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Fixing and on-location support since 2012...

Our team is as collection of Zambia's top safari operators, guides and logistics experts. With over a decade of experience in the film crew support and fixing industry throughout Zambia and the region.


Prehistoric Planet 2

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  • Importation / Immigration / Accreditation

  • Private Arrival and Departure service

  • Accommodation / Flights / Transfers

  • Drone Licenses

  • Central Logistics Team

  • On Site management

  • Pre-Shoot Research

  • Professional trained film car drivers ( GSS / Long Lens / JIB )

  • Liability Insurance

  • Personalised Film Vehicles



Over 10 years of filming experience

At Reel Nature we have separated ourselves from traditional film fixing companies through offering a completely independent service. As a sole provider of all shoot requirements our Lusaka based solutions team enables highly flexible and innovative productions. Private meet and greet, customs clearing, check in and immigrations service as well as our network of government department relationships ensures efficiency.  Years of In-house training has resulted in professional guides for driving long lens / GSS / JIB / Shotover systems. Our hospitality expertise carries over from our Safari background through a permanent team of chefs, housekeeping, camp hosts as well as an on-site manager on all shoots. Our expert wildlife guides and management hold internationally recognised first aid response qualifications as well as field operations training in remote area breakdowns and emergency situations. Our privately designed and innovative fleet of filming vehicles has proven invaluable to meeting and exceeding shoot requirements in a variety of wildlife habitats. We continue to grow our expertise through working with crews, engineers and filming equipment technicians while always considering the most ethical way forward for the future of filmmaking.

Zambia wildlife filmmaking documentary
"Reel Nature has the best filming vehicles in Africa."
- DOP BBC Dynasties 2

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