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Established professionals providing logistical support to the world’s best film crews throughout Zambia and Central Africa while also offering that expertise to tourists through bespoke mobile safaris.

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We provide complete logistical support and planning for professional filmmakers and tourists through unique mobile safaris.

Mobile Safaris

Trusted for years by world-class documentary film crews we bring a uniquely Zambian experience into the hands of the tourist through bespoke mobile safaris.

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Zambia’s leading experts in providing logistical support and remote site access to the world’s best production companies and filmmakers.

About us

Reel Nature is a Zambian Registered Company, providing film crew support services, fixing and ultimately remote location support, kit and equipment; a one-stop-shop with no need for middlemen! Reel Nature is an offshoot of Jeffery & McKeith Safaris, who have worked with wildlife and documentary film crews since 2012 and offer a highly professional and efficient service from the first researchers' email to the final day departure of the film crew.

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Whether you are planning your next film or looking to explore Zambia we’d love to help.

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